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"Botox Facial"



"Botox Facial" 

Neurotoxin Facial Treatment

Neurotoxin+filler+vitamins $300

The goal of a neurotoxin facial is to give patients tighter, younger-looking skin and a more rejuvenated appearance while delivering nutrients to the upper layers of the skin

**Does not affect the muscles of the face**

Skin Botox is officially a thing, and it’s exactly what it sounds like, shallow microinjection of botulinum toxin straight to the face.  Most commonly known as the “Botox facial,” the treatment utilizes very micro microneedles to deliver a dose of neurotoxins to the upper layers of the skin. “It’s like airbrushing,” 


MesoGold 20 is a first-of-its-kind, patented micro channeling technology, each thinner than a human hair.   The device is designed to painlessly and effectively deliver bioactive compounds into the skin, avoiding common complications associated with traditional techniques with no downtime after the procedure.  


- Shrinks pores, smoothes skin, brightens skin


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